Yukie An
Gender Female
Voiced by Kana Hanazawa
Hanazawa, Kana-Yukie An

Kana Hanazawa

(Note Google Translation)

Takami women astronomical staff. High school sophomore (first appearance at the time). Akina - Sayuri new director after retirement. It's a shy impression when compared to the high tension of Takami Moe Girl, but in also members of panic in the time of distress turmoil of the princess in the winter training camp often, it performs a stout-hearted calm judgment, and showed where it was firm.

Although there is no immunity to men in high school grew up, the same as the favorite for Shuo, you can ask to have the luggage, a good impression by that or encouraged the place where it was supposed to likely lose the pressure of new director and hence is, in every one of Takami girls It is believed that likes things Shuo.

In the following year of Koten net summer camp, ride to the consultation of Shuo to worry in course. At that time, to say that was a force majeure, it will take an action, such as misleading two of relationship around, there is also such as the aftermath of Maibara of Nogi Castle is a registrar, it has become a problem ( safely misunderstanding I solved) after. We shook hands trying to do my best each other and Shuo.

Has decided to go to the Faculty of Education of S University in Kyoto, we're aiming to science teacher.