Ayahi TAKAGAKI-Sayuri Minami

Sayuri Minami

(note Google Translation)

Takami women astronomical staff. High school seniors (first appearance at the time). Always act together with Akina, Takami Moe Girl. Take the glasses and ultra beauty. It is called the "Minami" in the last name.

Everywhere even in the bath juice " Nattsun have in hand. " It should be noted that in the past the summer camp and go out to buy one person a "Nattsun", but there is Akina with experience in Petit distress in the dense fog that has been chasing, she says, "wave motion gun [[|[13]]] that it and was saved by ". Based on its experience in the winter training camp, it was discovered Bisei and princess that fell into crisis by distress in the snowy mountains. In addition, the "wave motion gun" to Yukie also suggested to the specialty of Takami women's astronomy section.

After graduating from high school is like the Akina, it was go on the recommendation