Tomoaki Maeno-Saku Ooyagi

Tomoaki Maeno

Saku Ooyagi
Gender Male
Club Sōei Astronomy Club
Voiced by Tomoaki Maeno
Saku Oyagi (大八木 朔) is the main protagonist for this story, who grew up traveling around Japan due to his father constantly changing jobs. Saku loves to read books and can often be seen reading, whether it be on the bus, at school, or at home. He generally likes to stay indoors and read, but after joining the Astronomy Club, he starts to enjoy going out and stargazing or participating in other club activities. As Fumie notes, his writing skills are top notch, making him better suited for the Literature Club. While he is constantly annoyed by Mihoshi, he does enjoy her company. However, because of how Mihoshi shows up to his class a lot, many of his classmates believe that they are dating (much to the dismay of Hime and Saku).