Daisuke Ono-Musa

Daisuke Ono

Gender Male
Club Nogishiro Light Music Club
Voiced by Daisuke Ono
Musa (武佐) is a junior at Nogishiro High School and a member of its Light Music Club, though he also participates in the Astronomy Club's events. He's rather flirtatious.

(Note Google Translate)

Nogi Castle high school light music section staff ( drum in charge). High school sophomore (first appearance at the time). Is an event staff to participate only in the camp and observation meetings, it is not a formal astronomical staff. We are asked to think the princess, but it has been rejected from the princess. In observation meeting, it is mistaken to be tried to attack, it was battered hit to princess. But it is not discouraged also doing approach. It is (for some reason) According to the place where it was said to laughs "quite serious". According to the author comments, the concept that men do not accept man. That of the assistant favorite.

Teamed up with three friends Nogi Castle High School Twink foursome, they have formed a "Nogi 4 (Nogi Four)." Character Song sale, it is operating and to that joke .

By the way, the University of thing and passed the K University on the recommendation. Origin of the name, and Musa Station seems to be it from.