Haruka Tomatsu-Hime Makita

Haruka Tomatsu

Hime Makita
Gender Female
Club Sōei Astronomy Club
Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu

Hime Makita (蒔田 姫) is a girl in the same class as Saku, whom she has a crush on. After Saku joins the Astronomy Club, she quickly follows suit so as to spend more time close to him and to get to know him better. She had originally met Saku briefly on the bus before taking their entrance exam for the school, and was surprised to see him again in her class. She is generally a calm girl but is known to get jealous of Mihoshi when she is sticking close to Saku. Though she has a crush on Saku, she is easily put off by other guys trying to make advances on her. Hime's hair gets frizzy in high-humidity weather, and her sister can use this trait to gauge the humidity in the air.